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Promo Codes, Store Credit, and Gift Cards

Promo Codes:

Enter your promo code during checkout to apply the offer to your order.

Promo codes apply to most of our products but may have some restrictions; these may be based on time frame, type of product, or brand. To check how and when your promo code can be used, click here.

Please note, Promo codes can only be applied during purchase. Customer Service will be unable to honor any promotional code adjustments post-order.

Store Credit:

Store credit is an option for return refunds and discounts on existing orders. If you receive store credit (never expires!), it will appear as a payment option during the checkout process. Store credit can pay for the entire order or a portion of the cost, depending on how much credit is available. You can check the status of your store credit anytime by logging into My Account.

Gift Cards:

To use your gift card, visit the Redeem a Gift Card page and enter your gift card code. When you redeem your gift card, we’ll add the entire amount to your account. Gift cards never expire, so simply apply your account balance in checkout when you’re ready to use it. Visit your Account Balance page to see your remaining funds.

You can also redeem your gift card on the payment page of checkout. Simply fill your cart with your favorite items and apply your code in the designated field.

To learn more about gift cards or to purchase one, visit the All Modern Gift Cards page.

Sales and Promotions:

We love a good deal as much as you do. Throughout the year, we offer very special promotions and discounts to our customers. We don’t know if and when an item will go on sale, but when it does we can’t wait to share the good news! To sign up for daily or weekly Daily Sales emails, click here.

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