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Mattress Haul-Away

What is included in my service?

For a flat fee, this service includes the haul away and disposal of (one) 1 customer supplied mattress and/or box spring.

What is not included in my service?

Your pro will not be able to remove any items that may put their health and/or personal safety at risk or, for services provided in California, any items not sanctioned by the California mattress recycling program. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Water bed removal
  • Sharp objects sticking out of the of the mattress
  • Active bed bug infestations
  • Heavily soiled or wet mattress
  • Anything that is not a mattress or box spring (e.g. mattress topper, pillow, sofa bed, crib, couch cushions, etc.)

Where is the mattress disposed of?

Our goal is to ensure pros provide the Mattress Haul-Away service in a sustainable and legally compliant manner. Mattresses will be disposed of in a local recycling site or disposal site.

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